Calamity And Chaos, A Slow Slump Or Raging Success?

Have you ever noticed that just the right amount of stress can be a big motivator, and help you get a lot done, but that too much stress, i.e. stress beyond your breaking point, makes your heart race, your thinking slow and negatively affects your capacity to make decisions. How does your workplace measure up on a eustress distress balance? Check this out to help get your office right for you and your team: http://www.thebusinesswomanmedia.com/7-tips-happy-productive-office/

Have a Fall Back Strategy in the Event of Systems Failure

Whenever it comes to computer disaster recovery for your business organisation, you can't afford to take risks.

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Choosing Criminal Defence Lawyers

DO seek out a lawyer that only handles criminal defence. You do not want to find someone who has only handled a couple of cases of this specialty. This means that you will be at the mercy of someone who is not really aware of what they are doing. Ideally, your lawyer should have been working in this arena for 10-15 years before you hired them. You can read more about the process of searching for criminal defence specialists on this page.

You should also be careful of people who used to work for the prosecution. There are some lawyers who were once on the opposite side of the fence and have decided to make a career change.

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How to tell if your Accountant is stealing


Accountants are very special people. They are the doctors of every organization. They know when things are doing well and when they are going down under. Unfortunately they could also be the reason why a company is going down under. You need to keep a close eye on your financial records and there are signs that cannot be ignored.

Have you noticed your finances reducing? Have you noticed that something wasn't quite right with your finances. Do you think your accountant is stealing money? How do you know if you accountant is stealing money and if they are how can you protect your account? Read Article