Meta Tags Impact On Seo

One of the key factor that helps in search engine optimization is the use of Meta Tags. Meta tags are the code snippets that describe more about the pages content. These Meta Tags appear on the pages code and is not visible in the pages content. Most of the Meta tags appear only in the head section of the HTML page.

Meta Tags Types

Generally there are four types of Meta Tags.

– The Meta Keyword Attribute: These tags consists of unrelated set of keywords in the pages content in order to pull traffic in a false way. But nowadays google has stopped using this algorithm of Meta Keyword attribute.
– The Title Tag: One of the most important Meta tag that has a huge impact in getting the search ranking are the title tag. They appear on the head section of the page and are easily visible to the user. These tags helps a lot in SEO.
– The Meta Description Attribute: These tags provide more information about the Meta tags. It helps the search engine by giving them more information about your page. Meta description tags if they are strong enough they can pull traffic from SERPs to your very own site.
– The Meta Robots Attribute: This attribute instructs the search engine about the action you want to take for your pages. The index/non-index instructs the search engine whether to display your page in search result or to not display. Whereas the follow/no-follow tells the engine whether to follow your page links or not.

Meta Tags helping SEO

Meta Tags helps in uniquely describing any pages content, giving high quality content, thereby giving user satisfaction and increasing popularity of the site. Metadata describes the pages in a more machine readable format. They classify pages and display information about these pages in SERP

The use of unique keywords and synonyms in your Meta description tag helps in SEO. Dont repeat any word or phrase in the given description .The Meta tag description on a single page should not contain more than 150 characters.

Sometimes the Meta Data tags control the search snippet listing done in google, for this google use their own search snippet. Also you can give your own Meta data description for google to be used, thus helping in SEO.

How to write effective Meta Tags

The Meta Data tag should contain the exact description of the page helping google to get the exact information it wants. The tag should contain accurate, relevant and descriptive content about the topic or page .Some of the important Meta tags are keywords, description and robots. Sites like news and media generate unique contents for each page. Whereas for large sites, generation of descriptions is done programmatically. Google generally ignores Meta data descriptions when ranking a page if used for query. According to SEO test and searches made it is found that google and Bing generally ignore metadata keywords and tags when ranking of page is done but yahoo search engine still make use of the Meta tags and keywords.