The Benefits Of Local Seo

Do you know what local SEO is?

It’s a time-tested and proven way of using online marketing to promote your local business and its corresponding products and services to your local community. More basically stated, local SEO means your business appears first and foremost when prospective customers looking for what you have to offer search in Google or another search engine.

Assume you’re on your way home and forgot its your wedding anniversary, your wife doesn’t know you have forgotten, so you’ve got time to do something. So, you choose to get her flowers. You pull out your smart phone and Google for a ‘florist in Hereford.’ On the other hand, if you are a florist in Hereford looking to get more business, you want to be the top link that shows up in that local search. That’s local Hereford SEO.

So, what are the specific benefits of local SEO you can hope to enjoy?

For starters, there is a lot you can do for free. You can find a lot of local SEO tools freely available online that don’t cost you a thing. You can use these tools to quantify your local SEO efforts, track them, and then do robust evaluation. However, you can also use them to simply implement the various tactics that you learn about.

Second, you can reach out to every customer in your area. Are you old enough to remember paper phone books or directories? Local SEO has replaced all this. Consumers can now look up things on the go, and why shouldn’t they? When they’re out and about running errands, they want to get as much done as they can. As such, their mobile phone or tablet can help find local businesses that have what they need and can deliver it that very day.

Third, you’ll boost your website traffic. Getting more traffic to your website is always advantageous, but local SEO takes it a step further and not only gives you more traffic, but targeted traffic that’s very interested in what you have to offer. High-quality traffic doesn’t just find your site, but also sticks around longer and engages with your site.

Fourth, your conversion rate will go up. That’s not just online either, where traffic is converted into actual business. Per data and research from Go-Globe, 78 percent of all local searches done on mobile devices wound up resulting even in offline purchases. Consumer intent is what matters here, as mobile users doing local searches tend to spend money that day with the business they find, in more than half of all searches.

Finally, it’s just so easy. Making the most of local SEO efforts doesn’t require an IT degree. In fact, many of the various methods employed are practical and even simple. It’s not always technical either. Using interactive maps is one tactic, and another is ensuring that your business information across our various online platforms is relevant and accurate. Both of these will help the local search results of your business quite dramatically.